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This is how it works with the obedient……


It Started With A Whisper | Arms Wide Open.




Day Two of The Belt of Truth:30-Day Challenge 


Reading At the Throne of Grace this morning I came upon this:


Empower us unto holiness as we seek to walk in a way that is consistent with Your wonderful love and Your perfect righteousness.

Give us humility to know that no matter how we resolve to live in Your honor, we have no strength of our own to accomplish that end.

So we walk by faith from day to day, depending on our heavenly Father to meet our needs.

Grant us more of the faith that overcomes the world.

~ John MacArthur

This I will do today, at least, to get me closer to the belt.


Does Anybody Hear Her?

I was flipping through the channels today and I heard a Casting Crowns song on. It was in the middle of a show and “Does Anybody Hear Her” music video was being played. That was the last song that I expected to hear on the TV. When Oprah should have been on Casting Crowns was on and when it was over it switched right back to the regular show. I can’t help but wonder who else saw it and what they thought of it.
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The Emergent Zone – Enter At Your Own Risk


It has been on my mind intermittently from time-to-time since my last post, but with all the other things that keep one busy, from day to day, not to mention a move; I have to admit I’ve dropped the proverbial ball on this one.
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