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We’ve been Disconnected for some time now……..

…………We’re Back!


More of You: Original worship

Here is an original song written by me and my father.

Note: it was cold in the church and yes that is my beard…Ive been a little lazy and it’s going back to goatee next week.

Let me know if you want chords for this song and what you think.

More of You: MP3 of course ©2007 Klampert

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Stefan Update

To all AC180 readers,

Thank you to each of you that have supported the AC180 family and specifically our brother Stefan Tarapchak. Below is a post directly from Stef’s site updating everyone on the results of his surgery today. Stef’s wonderful wife Sandi has taken over the reigns of his blog while he is recovering. We want to take this time to again thank you for your prayers, for spreading the word and for supporting the entire AC180 family. Please continue to lift Stef and his family in your prayers and let us never forget to give God the glory, the honor and the praise! Continue reading

A Paul Byrd 180


I am the first to admit that I break out in a cold sweat when I know that the Indians biggest game could ride on the shoulder of one Mr. Paul Byrd. I found this article today about “Birdie” and his 180. Enjoy –

“I thought he was in a cult. I’m like, ‘This guy is way too into it. Like, what’s wrong here? This guy is psycho.’ But he challenged me to read the Bible,” Paul says.
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A “C”lapton 180


The noise in my head was deafening, and drinking was in my thoughts all the time. It shocked me to realize that here I was in a treatment center, a supposedly safe environment, and I was in serious danger. I was absolutely terrified, in complete despair. At that moment, almost of their own accord, my legs gave way and I fell to my knees. In the privacy of my room, I begged for help. I had no notion who I thought I was talking to, I just knew that I had come to the end of my tether, I had nothing left to fight with. Then I remembered what I had heard about surrender, something I thought I could never do, my pride just wouldn’t allow it, but I knew that on my own I wasn’t going to make it, so I asked for help, and, getting down on my knees, I surrendered. Continue reading