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This is how it works with the obedient……


It Started With A Whisper | Arms Wide Open.


AC180 Interviews: Aaron Conrad

If you take a look to the left hand column of our site, you will see that Mr. Conrad is a regular contributor here at AC180 … In fact, Aaron is one of the co-founders of AC180 and much of this site is his brain-child. Aaron’s story is one in which a new son teaches a young father about unconditional love, grace and daily taking up his cross in order to further his heavenly Father’s kingdom. Enjoy.

Conrad Family

Explain the situation surrounding your complete 180?
I had the absolute blessing of growing up in a Godly home. I was saved early in my middle school years and have probably been saved more times then I can count since then. Yet I would say that my journey with Christ truly began 7 years ago with the birth of our son Austin. My thirst, and desire to serve and be the husband, father, friend and man that Christ has called me to be became relentless about 2 years ago….
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