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2 thoughts on “Need Prayer?

  1. Phil and Tiffany

    My girlfriend and I are both passionate believers and disciples of Jesus Christ and are both planning to go into ministry. We are having a really hard time with communication lately. We both know we love eachother but there is something flawed with the way that we are communicating and resolving conflict. One of us gets defensive, the other misinterprets what he/she heard, we try and over talk one another and so on. We truly believe that the good in our relationship far outweighs the bad. We compliment eachothers gifts, compatible sense of humor, doctrinally on the same page, both willing to look at ourselves and submit to improving our personal weaknesses… I think that we can handle the issues that we face but our methods of handling them needs help. Please pray for God’s wisdom in the matter, for Godly counsel from our christian community, and for protection from Satan and his schemes as well as the sinful world around us and our own flesh. We really need it right now. We, as well as many of the Godly people in our lives see the potential in our relationship of a power house team for the Lord, and I think Satan is working over time to tear us apart. We know it is the Lord who must work in our hearts but we must be willing to surrender our sinful pride as well as abide in the Lord through the painful courses of change. Thank you so much for your prayers and support, it means a lot to us.

  2. David

    Phil and Tiffany,

    I know the guys are going to jump right in with prayer, but I wanted to recommend a program called “Love and Respect”. Look here:

    It’s a wonderful series and it’s all about communication between a man and a woman. Why we are what we are and how God created us to be different. We’ve run it at our church more than once and it’s an amazing course. You can also go through the series as a couple.

    I can’t speak highly enough about it.

    We will certainly be lifting you both in prayer.

    God peace,


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