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Prayerful Goodbyes ~ #30DaysPrayer

A little something from John Eldridge:

The Last Cup of Tea | Ransomed Heart Ministries.

 I hate goodbyes too…I’ve got a few coming up. Even though they are not final….they are hard.




Day Two of The Belt of Truth:30-Day Challenge 


Reading At the Throne of Grace this morning I came upon this:


Empower us unto holiness as we seek to walk in a way that is consistent with Your wonderful love and Your perfect righteousness.

Give us humility to know that no matter how we resolve to live in Your honor, we have no strength of our own to accomplish that end.

So we walk by faith from day to day, depending on our heavenly Father to meet our needs.

Grant us more of the faith that overcomes the world.

~ John MacArthur

This I will do today, at least, to get me closer to the belt.


A Call To Prayer

Patty Farmer, My Mother-in-Law

My mother-in-law, Patty Farmer(shown in picture holding baby) was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer about two months ago. She went in for surgery last Thursday, and suddenly took a turn for the worse, this afternoon. That is all I know. My wife called me from work to tell me an hour ago. I could hear the fear in her voice. It really bothered me. I turned to prayer, and immediately thought of my brothers here. It has been awhile since I have been around these parts, posting or otherwise. I didn’t hesitate in the least.

 Join me in prayer for my family, and most importantly, my mother-in-law, Patty.