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Prayerful Goodbyes ~ #30DaysPrayer

A little something from John Eldridge:

The Last Cup of Tea | Ransomed Heart Ministries.

 I hate goodbyes too…I’ve got a few coming up. Even though they are not final….they are hard.


Dunk of the Century

OK, I know the Final Four is over, Kansas has the Crown, and the boys of summer are hard at work, but here’s one last hurrah for Hoops. This is probably the most amazing dunk I’ve seen since Spud Webb won the dunk contest in 1986… (yeah, remember the little guy?)

Are you a good father?

You know you are a good father when:

• When you help your kids with their schoolwork
• When you take an interest in their hobbies
• When you show affection to your wife in front of them
• When you advocate that they speak to you and each other respectfully
• When you just enjoy being with your children
• When your son or daughter comes running to you when they get hurt
• When your calendar is full of things to do with your children
• When you calmly and gently discipline your children without yelling or screaming
• When you tuck your children into bed at night and tell them “I love you”
• When you drive your kids to school in the morning
• When you make Saturday morning breakfast for them

This list is complements of All Pro Dad. It is not exhaustive by any means, but it does get you thinking!

Rock the Vote

I switched back to our original template this morning. Here’s your chance to help us choose. Did you prefer the “Tweet” version of the blog that was up all week, or the more traditional AC180 look (current template). Let us know…