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This is how it works with the obedient……


It Started With A Whisper | Arms Wide Open.


Goodbye Dear Friend

It is with a heavy heart that I write this post this evening. On Sunday, December 21st, our dear friend and AC180 co-founder Stefan Tarapchak passed away. Those that have followed AC180 since it’s beginning know that Stefan accepted the battle of stage IV colon cancer with honor, courage and fought like a warrior. While none of us, in our finite understanding, will ever be able to explain the ways and workings of an infinite God, we can testify to the strength of Stefan. His faith never waivered, his mission was clear. Stef’s journey touched lives both in person and throughout the world wide web. He lived the vision of AC180.

He loved his children and was a committed Dad.

He loved his wife and was a committed Husband.

He loved people and was a committed friend.

He loved Jesus and brought God glory.

On a personal note, I would say that when Stef and I cast the vision for AC180 in my home office, we had no idea that this journey was on the horizon. I now understand that God, in his providence, was creating a band of brothers and online community of support that would mean so much to Stefan in his battle. The contributors to this blog supported Stef through prayer and email. We linked arms and hit our knees as a band of brothers. Each contributor was a cherished friend to Stefan. I cannot put into words what your support meant to Stefan.  I cannot thank you for what your prayers meant to me. I would ask now that you support Stef’s wife Sandi and their 3 children through your prayers and love.

To each of you that have commented, emailed and sent text with your condolences, I thank you. I look forward, with great anticipation, to the day when our spirits will sour as we meet one another. More than that, I look forward to the day when our time, our thoughts, our hearts and souls will worship the almighty. Because he conquered the grave, Stefan is forever home where there is no sorrow and no pain.

Well done my good and faithful servant.

We will miss you brother.

Role Model

No matter what you do for a living, there’s one job that all fathers share. Dads of all ages have at least one thing in common – they’re role models for their children. Even if you don’t want to be – you are.

For example, when you get angry in traffic, you have the opportunity to model self-restraint. When you get too much change back at the grocery store, there’s your chance to model honesty. And when you wrongly accuse your son or daughter of something, that’s the perfect time to admit your mistake and teach them about humility.

It all boils down to the fact that children may not always listen to what we say, but they almost always do what we do.

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From the All Pro Dad Play of the Day

You’re Not a Failure

Samuel Hayakawa said, “Notice the difference between what happens when a man says to himself, ‘I have failed three times’, and what happens when he says, ‘I’m a failure’.”

You know, just because you have made mistakes as a father doesn’t mean you’re a bad dad. You’re still in the game if you’ll implement the right strategy. We’ve prepared a free online video course for you to take – the 10 Ways to be an All Pro Dad. It will take about an hour to complete and it’s broken up so you don’t need to view it all at once. So set aside some time the next couple of weeks and dig in by clicking here.

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“New Sins”..Your Thoughts?

From Yahoo News Today:

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Thou shall not pollute the Earth. Thou shall beware genetic manipulation. Modern times bring with them modern sins. So the Vatican has told the faithful that they should be aware of “new” sins such as causing environmental blight.

The guidance came at the weekend when Archbishop Gianfranco Girotti, the Vatican’s number two man in the sometimes murky area of sins and penance, spoke of modern evils.
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