We All Need Somebody

ESPN.com IllustrationHere is an article about the life of the former Miami Dolphins quaterback David Woodley. It is a tragic story that illustrates what fame can do to you. I just wonder what would have happened if someone somewhere in his life had taken the time to sit down and talk to him. I don’t know if someone did but from what I know I don’t think that anyone took the time to. This man needed help in his life. He needed someone that he could share his problems with. He never got that person and sadly the story of his life ended too early.


4 thoughts on “We All Need Somebody

  1. suzonne pugh

    You are right we definitely all need somebody. David had quit a bit of friends that he talked to all the time, including myself. David was an amazing man and player but unfortunately some people have issues they just can’t get past.
    Thanks for remembering him though, in his own way I know he would have appreciated your concern.
    As do I. I miss him lots and miss talking with him.

    1. Julie A Lakosky

      Just found this article! Thank you for sharing! David was & will always be my favorite quarterback! I still have his autograph & his Dolphins trading card!

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